Gema M. Garcia Albacete

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Current projects

Past projects

GENPOL II: Gender unequalities in in political involvement. Coordinated by Gema Gara

Political Participation, Norms of Citizenship, and Heterogeneous Motivation – Experimental and Survey Evidence. Partially funded by the 'Young Scholar Award' of the University of Mannheim. Together with Tanja Dannwolf.

Young people's political participation in context. How do institutions shape the development of participatory habits? Personal project in search of funding.

GENPOL: Gender unequalities in politics [Un estudio de las desigualdades entre hombres y mujeres en el conocimiento, interés y comportamiento político en España]. Coordinated by Marta Fraile.

Crisis and challenges of citizenship in Spain: political attitudes and behavior of Spaniards during the economic and political representation crisis (CIUPANEL). Coordinated by Mariano Torcal.

The consequences of the economic crisis on Spanish democracy: Legitimacy, satisfaction and disaffection. Funded by the Centro de Investigaciones Sociológicas (CIS) and coordinated by Santiago Pérez-Nievas.

Social Media Networks and the Relationships between Citizens and Politics, funded by the MZES at the University of Mannheim. Together with Jan W. van Deth, Yannis Theocharis and Will Lowe.

Civicness, Equality and Democracy. European Excellence Network EQUALSOC. VI Framework Programme, European Commission. Coordinated by Prof. Jan van Deth and Dr. Sonja Zmerli (2006 – 2008).

Religiosity, Ideology and Vote, funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science. Principal researcher: Prof. José Ramón Montero (2007).

Youth and Political Participation in Spain. Personal project, grant awarded by the Centro de Investigaciones Sociológicas (Sociological Research Centre of the Spanish Presidency Ministry) (2006)

Democracy and Political Participation in Multilevel Government. Funded by the Autonomous Community of Madrid. Coordinator: Prof. José Ramón Montero. (2006)

Orientations of Young Men and Women to Citizenship and European Identity (funded by Program ‘Improving the socio-economic Knowledge base’ of the European Union 2002-2003) in the Spanish team at The University Autonoma of Madrid. International Coordinator: Professor Lynn Jamison.